Guide to toolbox

On this page you will find descriptions of the materials that you can download from the toolbox. You will also find inspiration to usage in order for your company to strengthen its communication and recruitment of international employees.
All materials are in English and highlight Denmark's strengths to promote Denmark as an attractive career destination. All materials that can be downloaded from the toolbox are free of charge as long as they are used according to the terms of conditions.

How do I use the toolbox and the materials?

Watch our short video about how to download from the toolbox, and be inspired in relation to the different usage options of the materials. Please note that the video is in Danish.


With more than 20 articles that cover a wide range of topics, there are plenty of ways to inform international candidates about Denmark. The articles cover topics like "Being a young professional in Denmark", "Children in Denmark", "Danish workplace culture" and "The Danish school system". The articles are two pages long and can be downloaded as PDF for web or print, or as InDesign files, that can be edited.

The articles can with benefit be sent to potential candidates as PDF, just as they can be placed for download on the company website or shared through social media like Facebook or LinkedIn.

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Talent Attraction Denmark has produced a number of videos, where expats without manuscript tell about their life in Denmark. The six videoes cover different topics and are available in 40 second and 2 minute versions.

The videos are available on YouTube and can easily be shared via Facebook or LinkedIn, or embedded on the company website.

The latest video is a mix of five videos where Her Royal Highness Princess Marie introduces the video.

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The infographics convey different topics visually. The topics are relevant for foreigners who consider moving to Denmark. There are among others infographics that portray the value citizens get for their tax money, the Danish salary level compared to other countries and number of working days and holiday days.

The infographics can be downloaded as PDF, images and Illustrator files, so that they can be shared on your website, social media, via e-mail or in print.

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In the toolbox you will find more than 60 photos taken by professional photographers. There are photos that show Danish nature and inviting urban environments through all seasons. There are also photos that show different work environments, which can be used to promote Danish workplace culture.

All photos are free of charge. If you have to give credit to the photographer you will find information about it under the photo.

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Fact boxes

Fact boxes combine text and visual elements, so that topics as pension, commute and low corruption (a safe society with a high level of trust) is communicated to international citizens. Fact boxes can be downloaded as PDF, images or Illustrator files. Fact boxes are great for sharing via social media or on the company website's career pages.

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Brochures are materials that gather different parts of the toolbox. Some of the materials are ready made as PDF that can be shared with potentiale job candidates. Other brochures are available as InDesign files that can be tailored to the company's logo, colors and geographical region.

Brochures cover different topics and are great for companies that have few ressources and would like to have complete communication product that covers Denmark's strenghts.

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